Voluntary at the Whitworth Art Gallery

For the past few weeks, I have been volunteering at the Whitworth
art gallery in Manchester, assisting with the research for a new up-coming
exhibition (Un)Defining Queer with curator Dominic Bilton. The exhibition focuses
on the Queer archive and Glossary associated with Queer Artwork in the
Whitworth’s collection.

My previous few sessions have revolved around reading and archiving
visitor’s feedback and communicating the ways in which the research centre we
currently have in place could be improved for the final exhibition. Visiting
the research centre and reading the Visitor’s feedback made me reflect on my
own practice and the importance of location in exhibition designs.

Many of the visitor’s feedback were personal stories about
their own or a family member’s experiences as a member of the LGBTQ+ community.
One feedback card stood out in particular to me as I was archiving the
material. An experience of being forgotten by everyone including the NHS made
me reflect on my own practice and the occurring theme of loss in relation to
Transgender identities.

Finally, the concept of Transitions being manifested,
reflected and associated with another person. Often, I find memories within my
transition being associated with my Partner due to the different journeys and
appointments and milestones achieved together. This is something that I could
continue to focus on as I develop my practice. 

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