Tendrils Exhibition

Yesterday was the opening evening of Queer Youth Art Collective’s
‘Tendrils’ Exhibition at the Queer Circle Gallery featuring my moving imagery
and photobook.

In August, I discovered an open call for work to be
exhibited in the first gallery in London exclusively for Queer Art work. After
discussing the exhibition with members of Queer Youth Art Collective, I posted
my photobook and submitted my moving imagery work which was then curated by the
organisation. The opening night featured a variety of different Queer Art work
and my moving imagery was exhibited on a screen in a small room for viewers to
sit and watch the videos on a monitor. The cosy surroundings and the small monitor
made the videos feel more personal and being watched by the attending LGBTQ+ members
gave my work validation and belonging.

Having my work in a Queer gallery so soon after graduating
felt like an amazing achievement and helped me connect with other practitioners
in the LGBTQ+ community.

The show closes on October 1st, is free to attend
and is located in the Queer Circle Art Centre, London. 

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