Seeking out Euphoria - Village bookshop

One of my goals from my meeting with Emma Bentley Fox was to attempt to get my self-published book ‘Seeking out Euphoria’ in a bookshop to allow more people to have a copy of the book. 

Emma put me in touch with Joe and Sam at the bookshop who agreed to have a look at the book. After having my surgery in December, I had time off work to be able to drop the book off at the Village book shop in Manchester and discuss how much I would sell the book for, how much the shop take in commission and how I would receive any profits from the books.

Sam had a look through my book and agreed that it was something that Village would like to sell in their shop. I supplied the bookshop with more copies, helped create a description of the book for the website and waited for the book to be advertised. 

Village shared the book on their instagram story and have now uploaded the book on their website to be able to purchase it online.   

Seeking out Euphoria by Clayton Heeley | Village. Leeds, UK (

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