Precision Printing Workshop

Last week, Ian from Precision Printing visited the University
with different samples and information on different printing processes and
paper. Ian’s talk made me consider how I want to print my photobook and what
materials I might use.

Ian allowed us to interact with different sample booklets
that Precision had made for clients. These booklets were made up of both
specialist and Precisions’ own in-house paper stock. Being able to physically interact
with the different booklets made me consider who I want to work with when
printing my photobook and what paper I want to use.

Ian also discussed the price of printing photobooks and how asking
for a quote for one book might be less cost effective than asking for ten books
due to set up costs and the cost of paper. This is something that I hadn’t considered
when previously requesting for quotations from printing companies. Ian encourages
us to collaborate with print companies when asking for quotations and to be
clear with the finished size of the book, how it will be bound, what specific
type of printing would be required and if cost effectivity is one of the key considerations
when sending a document to print.

Ian’s talk made me aware of the various details that I
should always include when approaching a printing company for a quotation and
allowed me to interact with different printing materials to form more of an
idea of how I want my finished photobook to look. 

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