Portfolio review with Tom Duffield

Today, I was fortunate enough to have a portfolio review with
Tom Duffield who has done work with the financial times, as well as producing
his own personal photographic projects in book form.

I was engaged with Tom’s online talk earlier in the year which
discussed his experience photographing his dad and the nerves he felt during
the shoot which was something that I could relate to with my own project ‘Seeking
out Euphoria’. Tom found my work educational and confirmed that it addressed an
important topic and my personal experience makes me the perfect person to convey
the narrative.

Tom recommended that I continue developing the project after
graduation and encouraged me to enter the work into open calls. He also recommended
that I experiment with printing on different papers to test their suitability
for prints at my Graduate exhibition. Tom also shared with me his experience
from graduating and how he immediately wanted to work as a freelance
photographer after university to earn money before completing his masters
degree at Huddersfield University. This led me to think about my life after
university and how I will be working in full time employment whilst also
looking at the possibility of continuing further education.

My portfolio review with Tom encouraged me to continue
developing my work through test prints and entering my work into open calls and
competitions. The initial concept of my work was to raise awareness of
Transgenderism whilst also conveying my own narrative. Entering the work into
competitions and attending portfolio reviews helps me raise more awareness of
Transgenderism and convey my own narrative. 

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