Meeting with Julia Bunnemann

This week I had my second meeting with my Redeye Mentor Julia Bunnemann. Due to having surgery and spending a lot of time recovering and Julia’s involvement with photoworks, we haven’t been able to have a meeting for a few months and had a lot to catch up on. Since our last meeting I have started a new project, Room 23. 

We decided to use the meeting as a chance to look through my work in progress for the project and the direction I see the project going in. I prepared a PDF portfolio of the images that I had taken leading up to my surgery and the recovery period after my procedure. Julia recommended looking at Prarthna Singh’s ‘Har Shaam Shaheen Bagh’ which uses a multi media approach, consisting of polaroids, drawings, letters and photographs to document Indian protests. 

The book is currently for sale in the photograhers gallery which Julia also suggested I contact to inquire about selling my previous self-published book in the shop. We discussed the concept of the photographs taking the form of a book and exchanged ideas of the structure that the book could take. 

Finally, she recommended that she shares my new project with other members of the photoworks board to gain feedback from curators involved in the LGBTQ+ community and to apply for photoworks upcoming call outs and awards. 

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