Derek Jarman workshop

Today I attended a workshop with Short Supply that looked at
Derek Jarmans’ moving imagery in the ‘Protest!’ Exhibition at Manchester Art
Gallery. The workshop allowed me to speak to different practitioners, explore
the work of Jarman in more depth and respond to tasks set by Short Supply.

The workshop was relaxed and open and allowed me to look at
Jarmans’ moving imagery in depth. Jarmans’ video ‘Blue’ appealed to me most due
to it’s abstract yet engaging nature. The blue of the screen representing his
vision appearing as blue due to the lesions on his eyes made me look away from
the screen but still concentrate on the speech and sounds within the video.
Reading about Jarmans’ inclusion of audio recorded in hospitals made me
consider how I could use moving imagery within my practice by recording within medical
centres and at appointments.

The workshop gave me chance to speak to different
practitioners from Short Supply and discuss my end of year show as well as
different competitions that I can enter after graduation such as the Rogue
Studios competition.

Overall, the workshop held by Short Supply allowed me to
look at Derek Jarmans’ use of film within his projects and the various ways that
he presented his struggle with Aids before his depth. This made me consider how
I could develop my practice after graduation and the ways in which I could use
moving imagery. 

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