Seeking out Euphoria 

Over time, things are changing.

Waiting rooms of rough cast walls and silence. 

Appointment cards, letters and medication become souvenirs, and milestones. 

Reduced to body parts and medical terms. 

Being placed on lists, alone with unanswered questions. 

Counting down the days, hoping for a phone call or a letter until all hope is lost. 

Trapped in a life of liminality. 

Using the static time to learn to connect with a body that I have always lived in, but do not recognise as my own. 

Longing for the moment that I do not fear my reflection and can look at my frame 

without the urge to cover a section that resembles the body that was never mine. 

Seeking a future where I can escape the beckoning darkness and find comfort in the light. 

Growing and transitioning to live as my authentic self.

Seeking out Euphoria follows my Gender Transition from Female to Male, looking closely at the process of Transitioning and the emotions 

experienced throughout the journey. 

Archived Photograph, 2021

Evening Tree, 2022

Initial referral letter, 2021

Waiting room, 2022

Appointment Sticky Notes, 2020 - 2021

Removing the Dressing, 2022

The forgotten photograph, 2021

Learning to self-inject, 2021

Cornered, 2022

Surgery referral notes, 2021

Reflection, 2022

Disappearing, 2022

The stairs at home, 2022

Self- injection medication, May 2021 - October 2022

Nebido, 2022

Sunday Mornin's, 2022

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