Online Talk with Textbook Studio’s Victoria Carr

Last week I had the opportunity to take part in an online
talk delivered by Victoria Carr from Textbook Studios in Salford. Carr’s talk
discussed Textbook Studio’s establishment, their motives as designers and their
studio location and the collaboration that takes place there between specialists
in different fields.

One of Carr’s most important points within the talk was the importance
of collaboration. Textbook Studio’s current studio which is based in Salford
evolves around collaboration between specialists from different fields. The
focus on collaboration directly reflects the current position of my project as
I collaborate with a Graphic design student from the University.

Carr’s advice which was to explore the designers interests and
previous works before meeting in person to discuss the project and to make the
designer aware of what didn’t appeal to me such as cropping my images as part
of the design of the book helped me to prepare for my collaboration. Looking
through the Designer’s portfolio before hand gave me more knowledge on their
style and being advised to take material that influenced my project gave the
designer a clear idea of the style that I was pursuing. Carr’s talk gave me
more knowledge on what to expect from the designer and made me more relaxed
about the design process which in turn made me open to handing over my images
and letting the designer have more control.

Victoria Carr’s talk presented lots of information on the
foundation of Textbook Studios, their clientele and how they work. However, for
myself personally, the beneficial part of the talk was the information around
collaboration and what to expect when approaching a graphic designer. 

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