Meeting with Emma Bentley Fox

This week I met on zoom with Emma Bentley Fox, Programme
Producer at East Street Arts and member of the Part Mom Society. Emma’s practice
and interests involve archives, the Queer community, Disability and finding
ways to document first hand experiences through Art.

I contacted Emma after purchasing a copy of her photobook ‘To___,
Thanks for everything, Emma’ and noticing cross overs between our practice and
forms of making. Emma agreed to look through my online portfolio and meet to
give feedback and discuss my practice.

In our meeting, Emma discussed her role as Programme Producer
at East Street Arts and the forms of support that she can offer me as a
photographer. She offered to give artist support as a mentor and give feedback
on my work in progress in future meetings. We discussed ways in which I could
make my photobook available for more people to see and purchase and put me in
contact with Sam Hutchinson at Village Books to discuss submitting my book to
be sold in the shops. Emma purchased a copy of my book to give feedback in our
next meeting and discuss how I view my work moving forward.

I will continue having meetings with Emma to gain feedback
on my portfolio as it progresses and to be aware of more opportunities to apply
and take part in. 

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