Portfolio Review with Short Supply

Last week I attended a portfolio review with Mollie Balshaw and Rebekah Beasley from the Manchester based art organisation short supply (@shortsupplymcr). Short Supply is LGBTQ+ led which encouraged me to attend the portfolio review as I am also part of the LGBTQ+ community and this also meant that they would have had more knowledge on Transgenderism and could recommend more relevant artists and shows for me to connect with.

I found the portfolio review to be a positive experience that provided me with feedback and more influences that I could be looking at to progress my work beyond my degree. The review felt very open and accepting which made it easier to discuss my project. Mollie being a non-binary artist also meant that they had more knowledge on transitioning and made me more confident and comfortable discussing my work. They both understood the emotions I was addressing through the work and recommended I contact other Transgender artists such as Claye Bowler and Chester Tenneson. They also recommended I visit more LGBTQ+ based art shows such as Derek Jarmans’ ‘Protest!’ exhibition that is currently being shown at the Manchester Art Gallery. I was also encouraged to attend one of Short Supplies workshops that explores Derek Jarmans’ use of film within his project which will allow me to connect with other artists within the LGBTQ+ community and learn more about the exhibition.

Overall, my portfolio with short supply presented me with more LGBTQ+ artists that I could connect with, encouraged me to visit more shows that are relevant to the Queer community and could influence the future direction of my work and made me consider how I want to continue my practice after my degree.  

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